Why Device Doctor for Phone Repair

We have been professionally repairing devices since the original iPhone was released. We have fixed tens of thousands of devices since we started and we look forward to fixing tens of thousands more.

We only use Premium Parts. Quality 100% Guaranteed.

We vet our suppliers, we test our products.  We guarantee the parts we offer are the absolute  highest quality possible. Our LCDs have the largest Lumens and Nits stats of any iPhone screen, the best touch response and the Device Doctor lifetime guarantee. 

Our fast repair process really is the fastest.

You want your phone working. We do too! We preassemble every part we need to get your device fixed quickly. We feel so confident in this promise that if you can find a local company outside of our network that beats our repair times we will reduce your final bill price by 10%

We buy phones too!

We think you should know exactly how much you’re going to get for your phone up front, whether your phone is working or faulty, rather than having to send it off and wait for it to be assessed and valued if you bring t to us today you can have the funds in your account tomorrow.

No hidden fees for repairing a device that eat into the cash you pay.

After this many years we know what it costs to make your device work well again.   

he Price we charge is the price as per selected conditions of device. No hidden costs included into the amount you are willing to pay.

Simple, fair conditions that won't break the bank.

We've made sure our conditions are fair and simple to understand. No nasty small print to catch you out and leave you disappointed.